Kisskin – Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Eye Patch (60 Sheets) – Free Sample


The Premium Diamond Hydro-Gel Eye Patch’s key components Vitamin-C Citrus Unshiu extract and our proprietary Diamond powder (100PPM/0.1%), brightens and firms up the complexion of the skin in areas around the eyes.

It also increases skin elasticity and removes impurities. It contains plant-based & environment-friendly ingredients including algae, collagen, Camelia Sinensis leaf extracts, alow, rosebuds and Citrus Unshiu extracts. very importantly it does not include any components commonly found in other eye patch products like Paraben, mineral oils, artificial pigments and any other health damaging chemicals, which stress the skin. It also contains our proprietary compound, Adenosine, which helps minimizes the look of wrinkles.

3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Improves elasticity and wrinkles around eyes + bright and vital skin care
  • Natural ingredients and rich Vitamin C
  • Diamond powder for anti aging


Purified water, glycerin, carrageenan, butylene glycol, tangerine peel extract, peony root extract, spanish licorice root extract, sewage root extract, mud mushroom extract, mulberry bark extract, gosam root extract, rakemosa horseradish root extract, black sesame extract, Angelica root extract, golden extract, green tea extract, tea tree leaf extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, carob gum, sucrose, caffeine, allantoin, pentylene glycol, coconut palm extract, Guju tree leaf extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizate , Aloe vera leaf extract, maltodextrin, sodium hyaluronate, cellulose gum, propanediol, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, potassium chloride, ethylhexyl glycerin, adenosine, castor seed oil, caprylyl glycol, calcium Chloride, ethylhexanediol, 1,2-hexanediol, diamond powder (1ppm), calcium lactate, arginine, hip fluorophlogopite, titanium dioxide, clofenesine, disodium EDTA