Kisskin – Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Neck Pack (10 Sheets)


The Premium Diamond Hydro-Gel Neck Pack helps make the skin around neck area to look more healthy and beautiful.

It also helps with any skin-sagging effects around neck areas; it contains Adenosine, which has a wrinkle-minimising function as well as increasing the skin’s elasticity. It also contains Caviar extracts (rich in protein) and vitamin components to nourish the skin’s living tissues. It maintains skin’s healthy look and increases its elasticity by protecting sensitive skins. Its Vitamin-C Citrus Unshiu peel extract ingredient particularly goes to work to maximise your skin elasticity while your skin feels quite refreshed. This product functions as a wrinkle-improving product.

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Anti- Wrinkle

Neck pack will lead your skin of neck area to shine as if you put your favorite jewelry on.
Diamond Powder (100PPM/0.1%) included

  • Improves elasticity and wrinkles around neck through adenosine
  • Protects neck skin (Moisturising and nutritious)
  • Tightens fine lines
  • Rich Vitamin C


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